UFC fighter left peeing BLOOD and hospitalised with swollen testicles after repeatedly being kicked in groin

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Wearing a groin cup in MMA and taekwondo is essential for protecting the sensitive groin area from potential injuries. Both sports involve intense and dynamic movements, including striking and grappling, which significantly increase the risk of accidental impacts to the groin area.
A groin cup provides a protective barrier that absorbs and disperses the force of any sudden impact, reducing the likelihood of serious injury to the groin. In addition, wearing a groin cup can also provide a greater sense of confidence and security for athletes, allowing them to focus on their performance without worrying about potential discomfort or injury.
Overall, the importance of wearing a groin cup in MMA and taekwondo cannot be overstated, as it is a crucial piece of protective gear that helps minimize the risk of serious injury in two sports where the groin area is particularly vulnerable.
After competing in the prelim portion of UFC on ESPN 46 in Las Vegas, a 30-year-old UFC fighter found himself hospitalized with a painful injury. During his fight with Brazilian Daniel Santos, the fighter endured two excruciating groin kicks in the first and third rounds. The first kick left the fighter writhing on the canvas and clutching himself as he suffered through the pain. The second kick came in the third round, leaving the fighter in agony once again.
Despite taking a few minutes to recover and asking for a bucket as he felt nauseous, the Mexican-born American fighter eventually lost the match. The pain was exacerbated when he began peeing blood after the fight. From his hospital bed, the fighter shared images of his blood-filled urine to Twitter. One caption read, "That was a nice shot to my nuts though."
As he lay in his hospital bed reflecting on his third career loss, the fighter made a deal with his social media followers, promising to upload images of his swollen testicles if his post received 2,000 retweets.
The fighter's followers were quick to comment on the grim injury, expressing sympathy and admiration for his bravery in continuing to fight despite the severe discomfort. Despite his defeat, the fighter's resilience and determination garnered praise from fans and fellow competitors. This defeat brought the fighter's Octagon record to 2-3, with wins against Jamey Simmons and Liudvik Sholinian other than the defeat against Santos.