The Giant Hong Man Choi vs Fedor emelianenko

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No need to be terrified by the height of this giant fighter,  Hang Man Choi is not considered as one of the top fighters in MMA or kickboxing, He won about half of his fights and lost the other half. 

Even with his height  of 2.18 (7 ft 2 IN) meter and 159.5 Kg (352 LB), Choi lost fights against shorter and lighter fights in both MMA and also Kickboxing.

His career was affected because of many factors!

Military service & inactivity (2008–2015)

In April 2008, Choi joined the Korean army for his 21 months military service. After failing two medical tests, he was relieved from his military duty. The main reason was a problem with the sight in his left eye, which was the result of a brain tumor. On June 9, the tumor was finally removed through surgery.

Choi did not compete in any competitions between October 2009 and July 2015. He frequently appeared in TV shows, game shows, and a few movies during those years. Many critics believe he never reached his best shape after this long break. Even though he was technically very limited and mostly lost to the best K-1 and MMA fighters, his greatest strengths were his very good chin, overall punch and kick resistance, and a very strong Muay Thai knee strike. Fighters like Carlos Toyota or David Mihajlov don't have a similar Knockout-ratio or punching power as Badr Hari, Jérôme Le Banner or Mighty Mo (kickboxer). Only Mo was able to knock him out during Choi's time in K-1 (2005-2008), although the Korean stated he had not trained and was not in shape at that time, and backed up this claim in the rematch by not just appearing in top shape against Mo, but also by taking his best punches. During his best days, Choi was also able to take all punches and kicks from Bob Sapp, Semmy Schilt and Remy Bonjasky without being knocked down or out once. Le Banner had four fights with Mark Hunt, and he took him down a total of three times, once with hard kicks to the legs, once with a kick to the head, and once with a counter punch to the head, and Hunt received an eight count each time. Hunt is considered one of the most durable fighters in K-1 and MMA, with very good chin and general punch and kick resistance. But still he was floored by Le Banner three times, and was also knocked out by a liver kick from Schilt. Schilt knocked out many of his opponents with punches and kicks, and Le Banner had with over 80% the highest knockout ratio in the entire K-1 Circus. Choi took every attack to the head, body, and legs from Le Banner and Schilt, never went to the floor, and was never counted out or received an eight count in his bout with the Dutchman and his two bouts with the Frenchman.

In the video attached to this article today, we will share with you the fight of Hong man Choi against Fedor Emelianenko in December 31, 3007.

Fedor is 35 centimeters shorter than Hong Man and 51 kg lighter and he could win this fight by submission!