A bodybuilder vs a Taekwondo black belt KNOCK DOWN

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Honestly We do not like to share posts and videos that are Lessing the value of Taekwondo or affecting the reputation of the Korean martial art, but as a plat form interested in Taekwondo and martial arts, We should be open to complements and also to critics.
We have posted videos before about mixed sparring between Taekwondo and other different martial arts. In some of those fights, Taekwondo fighters represented Taekwondo in a good way, while others were real shame.
In today's article we are going to attach a video between a Taekwondo black belt and a bodybuilder!! Really? yes against a bodybuilder. Some would ask: Can bodybuilders fight? Our answer will be: Can all Taekwondo black belts really fight?
In this fight the bodybuilder did some kickboxing and some kicking, and fighting against a fighter who claims to be a black belt.
In the fight you can clearly see that the Taekwondo black belt was reaching through his kicks, but it seems like he was trained to score points, which is the image of the new era of Taekwondo. We can not blame him for that because this is probably what he was trained for.
The bodybuilder punches were not strong even though he was big, which means that his technique is weak, the only successful attack has done was his back back that knocked down his Taekwondo opponent.
Let's watch the fight, and feel free to share your thoughts!