The famous ''one finger stand'' master

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The article today is about unique Chinese master who can perform one finger stand with his legs on the wall. It does not really matter how light the person is, but the weight of all the body on the tip of one finger is just crazy to believe.

Master Hai Deng lived in a simple hut built on the mountainside. Although the thatched hermitage is simple - it has a very Ch’an-like name -"Benyuan Jingshe"  - or ‘Source of the Will Abode’. This name was devised by Master Hai Deng himself. The interior space of the hut is very low, narrow and small.  

The only items inside are a meditation stool with a mosquito net, a small stove for cooking, a dining table, and a few bowls and chopsticks. Why is there no bed? It turned out that in order to pursue the true meaning of Buddhism and martial arts, Master Hai Deng did not sleep in a bed for decades, and sat upright in meditation at night. From this point of view, Master Hai Deng can be regarded as a generation of Buddhist monastics truly living outside the world. 

Master Hai Deng performed "One Finger Zen" on the rooftop in 1951.

In October 1951, the first Tiantai County People's Sports Conference was held at the Bafo'an Stadium. Hai Deng was invited to perform "One Finger Zen", "Tongzi Kung Fu" and "Bench Flower". Among them, "a batch of Zen skills" involves placing the tip of the index finger of the right hand (or the left hand) on the ground, standing upside down, with the feet stacked on top of each other, and leaning on the pillar. Grab the air with your left hand towards the ground and swing it upward for several minutes. The index finger penetrated the ground a few inches, and everyone saw it, sighing that it was rare.

Hai Deng can also punch and fight on the plum blossom pile that is two feet high, jump forward and retreat freely, and make no mistakes as if walking on flat ground. The form of the pile steps is five in the middle, three on the left and right, and the distance between the piles is three feet. At the sports meeting, Hai Deng's apprentice also performed Shaolin double sword and boxing performances. While Hai Deng was on the rooftop, there was a wave of "Shaolin fever" among local teenagers.

Soon, the Taizhou District organized a martial arts games, and Hai Deng participated. There were 24 banners in total, and he won 6 of them: knife, sword, stick, tiger head hook and boxing.