George Mann head

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 If you guys have not seen the fight of both Jo Nattawut vs. George Mann, You may think that the picture of George was photoshopped, unfortunately it is a real picture, this swollen head was caused by a left punch by Jo, It was a small swelling in the beginning, but it took only a couple of minutes before getting bigger and made George as if he has two heads.

Muay Thai fighter, George Mann fought at the ONE FC Championship in Singapore. Facing Muay Thai legend Smokin' Jo Nattawut in the cage wearing 4 oz gloves, this was set to be an explosive matchup as both fighters are very explosive and highly experienced.

The fight was not as George Mann thought, but it was a great fight for the fans who witnessed how little by little the bruise grew rapidly on the Scottish wrestler. QQQQQ

After the fight and going to the hospital he put on social media the picture you have seen earlier with that big bruise and bandage covering what could be a terrible thing for other people.

This is the message George posted to reassure his fans that he is doing well:

''Hello everyone, after the fight last night. I've been getting a lot of messages asking if I'm okay regarding the head injury so I thought I'd better update you guys. I have the go-ahead from the doctors in Singapore. The results showed no breaks, fractures or anything like that, just swelling and some bruising.

The bruises will take a few days to fade, but otherwise there will be no problems. Good news everyone. I flew back to Perth early this morning once it cleared up so it wasn't a problem getting the flight home. Thanks again for all the support. I loved the fight and I'm looking forward to the next one."


  1. Should wear a head guard, that was a punch.... A kick could of been far far worse!

  2. Should had been stopped

  3. This is scary looking!! Hope it is well taken care of

  4. Not sure this sport is worth head injuries and maybe, probably long term problems

  5. He’s lucky he can still see , that looks painful 🤕, hope he’s ok now tho