The Rock offered this MMA fighter a house

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Most successful people around the world did not have an easy way to success. Many suffered and struggled alot with poverty and struggles.

The Rock is one of the stars who did not have an easy beginning, and with a very hard work he became one of the successful Hollywod actors.

 Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson left Zimbabwean UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo in tears after surprising him with a new house. The Rock recently met Themba 'The Answer' Gorimbo and offered to help him.

Late last month, the Rock shared a short video of him surprising the UFC fighter who was overcome by emotions. The former WWE star pranked him as he gifted him a new house in Miami.

The Jumanji actor posted a video on Thursday evening, showing the heartfelt moment Gorimbo met The Rock, who then proceeded to tell his story. The former WWE star said he was moved by Gorimba's story prior to getting his first win at UFC Vegas 73.

The Zimbabwean proceeded to show The Rock where he sleeps, and after that interaction, The Rock pranked him by asking him to take a drive. Unbeknownst to him, the biggest surprise of his life awaited him.

After pretending he was looking for the owner of the house, the Hollywood star asked Gorimbo to take a look at the photos on the table. And surprise, surprise, it was Gorimbo's family.

The former wrestler then delivered the good news to the UFC fighter, saying, "Welcome Home." After hearing the news, Gorimbo was instantly filled with tears of joy as he warmly embraced The Rock.