The Noble art/ Shannon Courtenay did beat Ebanie Bridges and were left completely disfigured

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 Boxing is one of the most tough martial arts that still cause serious injuries to athletes, and no matter the gloves the boxers are wearing, but the impact is still to strong on the body especially the head.

Shannon Courtenay stands by Ebanie Bridges criticism after memorable world title fight

Shannon Courtenay says her world title fight with Ebanie Bridges lived up to fiery build-up: "Everyone is saying it's fight of the year, one of the best female fights they have ever seen, so we definitely delivered" .

Shannon Courtenay still believes that Ebanie Bridges tried to sell their world title clash for the 'wrong reasons' but was glad to deliver 'one of the best female fights'.

Courtenay was crowned as the new WBA bantamweight champion after she defeated Bridges by unanimous decision following a punishing fight at the Copper Box Arena on Saturday night.

The Watford boxer had become embroiled in a heated dispute with Bridges, who wore lingerie to the weigh-in after insisting that more female fighters should "embrace" their "femininity".

"I still stand by what I said beforehand," Courtenay told Sky Sports. "I didn't like the way that she was trying to sell the fight and I feel like she was selling the fight for the wrong reasons, talking about lingerie and things like that.

"But we lived up to the fight.

"I feel like we delivered on the night and everyone is saying it's fight of the year, one of the best female fights they have ever seen, so we definitely delivered."

The 27-year-old's accurate jab and hurtful right hands had repelled the constant aggression from Bridges, who was left with a badly swollen left eye.

"She didn't hit that hard but she was physically very strong," Courtenay said.

"But I have supreme fitness. It showed throughout and my conditioning that my coaches put me through won the fight.


"Even in the last round, after what was an absolute war, I was still quite light on my feet. QQQQQ

"I feel like my jab, which managed to open her up quite nicely, and then my fitness is what carried me through."

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