Little miracle still happen (Natacha Sousa)

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This young girl was struggling between life and death for 5 years after being diagnosed with the dengue virus.

Natacha Sousa lost too much weight during these hard years and spending many months in the hospital, and her weight dropped to 29 kg.

Natacha was not able even to get out of her bed because of the intense treatment through the years.

Her problem with dengue started in 2015 and when she started feeling better she got hit again by another wave of the disease for a short time of around 3 weeks.

Natacha started using a wheelchair after losing the ability to move her legs, and reaching that very light weight of 29 kg is seriously so dangerous, even healthy kids aged of 7/8 years can weigh that weight.

This terrible virus made her lose weight to a level where her muscles shrink in scary way, which made her legs paralyzed.

In 2016 She was hospitalized, which was the most serious situation of her problem, and since She was very malnourished, weighing 29kg, She had to be monitored. And She started using a probe...

From then on her body began to swell due to malnutrition . She even got, from so much water, to weigh 150 kg just from swelling. And this swelling, this water that was in her body, harmed her lung, which suffered a pleural effusion.

Water in the lungs, right? So She had to drain. So that was the most critical moment of her situation. Which was where the doctors had nowhere else to go, right? They had no hope of life for her anymore.

They said: 'We've done everything, it's in God's hands! Because there's no way for medicine here anymore'.

This is what Natacha said:

''The only time I actually collapsed was when I couldn't get up. Then I cried a lot, but after that day I said to myself: 'I'm not going to cry, I'm going to make sure I change this story.

I will fight, I will insist, so that I change this story. From then on I took strength, I didn't think of any negative moment.

I always thought positive, even people saying the opposite. I always had hope at the end of the tunnel that everything would work out in the end!''

Natacha Sousa is a very example of the indomitable spirt, She fought with courage and did beat dengue and she gained her weight and became even better than she was.

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Be safe everyone!

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