Chuck Norris vs Bill ''Superfoot'' Wallace

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Chuck Norris and Bill ''Superfoot'' Wallace were are still two icons of martial arts especially in the United States, They both come from different martial arts backgrounds but they meet both in Karate style. We do know that Chuck Norris background is Tang Soo Do, which is one of the kwans that founded Taekwondo later, even though Chuck cut ties with Korea years later and founded his personal fighting style. he competed in the United States Karate championships and won many titles.

Bill "Superfoot" Wallace was practicing Karate and also Kickboxing, and he got that nickname because the way he uses his left leg is simply phenomenal, and for those who do not know about Bill, He started using his left after being injured on his right leg, we can not confirm that here but it is what was said at the time.

In this video today we have a fighting scene between Chuck Norris (39) vs Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (34).

The fight scene was between the two in ''A Force of One'' 1979, and in that fight we can see clearly that Bill Wallace was using only his left leg and you can see how fast it was, and no doubt that the video was edited because he was simply fast.

Let's check the video

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  1. I met Bill “Superfoot” Wallace at one of the “Martial Arts Hall of Fame” meetings, in Nashville Tennessee one year. I can confirm why he only kicks with his left leg. After the Martial Arts Hall of Fame proceedings were over. We went out to eat together, in downtown Nashville. He told me that he actually started off in Judo. While practicing Judo, he blew out his right knee really bad. He could no longer practice Judo. Also, he could not kick with his right leg. But, he was still able to stand and maneuver on the right leg. So he developed his left leg only, kicking style. By the way… I received that same left leg kick to my right cheek… And yes, he is fast. (very fun for me 😄)
    He is actually a very interesting, fun and nice guy. It’s been years now since that day and evening, when he was gracious enough to let me hang out with him. We talked about many things, including his career and people he fought and his friends… Like Chuck Norris. If memory serves me correct, I believe Bill was 24 time American kickboxing champion. Another little fun bit of information he gave me… He loves hamburgers as part of his fighting diet. 😃 Hope I didn’t give out any information that isn’t common knowledge. Or, that he wouldn’t want to be known.…🤔😃👍🏻👊🏻
    I was blessed to have met Master Wallace.
    G.M. Joseph Veach
    Taekwondo 101