Miriam Gutierrez’s unrecognizable face after taking 236 punches on the face

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 Boxing is one of the fighting sports that get a lot of critics because it is too dangerous for both men and women, and the history of boxing is full of serious accidents and drama. many people are wishing to ban boxing but it is almost an impossible wish, because boxing means billions of dollars, and anything bringing money won't be banned.

Most boxing fights end by knockouts and knockdowns because the main target is always head, while body hits are less. It is okay if the damage caused on the fight is only on the surface such as skin or even muscles, but things get more serious when the damage is deep, such as the damage that could occur on the brain or the internal organs such as the liver and so on.

The fight we have today is between the Spanish professional boxer Miriam Gutierez Parra and the Puerto Rican professional boxer Amanda Serrano.

Miriam (born 21 February 1983) has a record of 16 fights in Boxing (won 14 and lost 2) while Amanda (born October 9, 1988) has more respectful record than Miriam, Amanda has a boxing record of 47 fights (won 44 and 30 of them by knockout, and lost 2 and one draw), She also fought in the Mixed martial arts for a short time, She did a total of 3 fights (won 2 and one draw).

The fight between the two did not end by a knockout but with a messed up face of the Spanish boxer Miriam Gutierez who became unrecognizable after that fight.

This fight that was held in the United States of America on December 18, 2021 was the last fight for the Spanish boxer Miriam who turned 40 on 21 February 2023. Her pro Journee started in 2017 only, but she was ranked as world's fifth best active female lightweight by The Ring. She did not fight for a year and half which means a very close retirement especially after the age of 40 years old.   

In the other hand, Amanda did 3 more fights after her fight against Miriam, and won 2 and lost one against Katie Taylor.

What do you think about the boxing in general and the damage that it can cause? are you with the opinion that fights to ban it?