The Taekwondo 68 Nun

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 Calm, serene and noble, this is how we can imagine nuns and sisters in general. This is applicable on our article guest today, except that the sister Linda Sim who is 68 years old is a martial artist and specifically practicing Taekwondo and holding the black belt the 5th Dan in the Korean martial art. The nun Linda started competing in Kyorugi in 1978 and got a bonze medal, and she said that she was beaten very hard at the time, while there was not much protection gears as we can see today.

 More than that the sister Linda competed at the World Taekwondo Poomsae championships held in Russia 2011 and won the gold medal in her division.

The Nun Linda practiced Taekwondo for 52 years since 1971, and never gave up even if she had challenges and no support, and now we can see an amazing champion in Taekwondo.

We do believe that Taekwondo is for everyone, it does not matter where you come from or what you do, Taekwondo is uniting us.

Here are few videos of the nun Linda during the world championships.