Alina Zaitseva and Cheyenne Hanson after the latter suffered a huge hematoma during the figh

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Boxing is one of the most violent and dangerous fighting styles compared to many forms of martial arts. It is still one of the sports where fights end up by knockouts and knock downs.

The 23 years old German boxer Cheryenne Hanson had a fight against the Ukrainian boxer Alina Zaitseva. This fight ended quickly after clashing heads. This caused the big selling on Hanson's face which obliged the referee to stop this fight.

Hanson did a total of 14 fights, she won 13 of them and lost her first debut fight.

The match against the Ukrainian Alina was the 9th fight for Hanson while it was the 7th fight for Alina.

The fight between the German and the Ukrainian  did not last much, when the swelling started to appear on Hanson face. Hanson was declared champion because she was ahead by points at the time.

Luckily the swelling did not take so long and Hanson recovered so fast without any serious injuries in her face.

This fight made the face of Hanson unrecognizable because of the big change that happened during the fight, just few seconds after the heads clash.

This incident turned the face of the beautiful German to something else, which will open the window to questions such as why women do this type of fighting sports!

The answer is easy and these women like what they do, many of them are doing it as a job and it is how they earn their living.

Most people consider boxing as on of the most dangerous sports for both men and women.

No matter what we do think about boxing, but these professional athletes know what they are doing and know what they want from this sport.

Here is the fight between Cheryenne Hanson and Alina Zaitseva, and please feel free to share your thoughts with us.


  1. Fighting is a defensive game too and your fighters her hands are down and she’s getting beat on the head because she doesn’t keep her chin tucked in and take the strikes on her forehead she takes them to her face train her better

    1. Reading not your strong point then? It was a clash of heads that stopped the fight.

    2. tell me you didn't read the article without saying you didn't read the article.

    3. Oh come on now, men can't be expected to actually read or do any research before mansplaining. Why would we need to? We're men! Clearly we're right and know more about any subject than a woman and our advice will be highly regarded and welcomed.

      Sarcasm aside, what a douche. Explaining how to box to a professional boxer.

  2. Was beat like trash!)) Her face proofs that

  3. Looks like a pussy when Im done.

  4. Khamidov Navruz