Knuckles in martial arts

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The forgotten training in martial arts 

Talking about martial arts knuckles nowadays is like talking about a myth that existed once. the new and modern fighting systems do not focus more about what makes the body look like a weapon, and most are working on the physical fitness and the beauty of performance, this is why we can see soft martial artists that can not defend themselves.

''Sweat, blood and broken bones'', This equation does not exist anymore, and the factor left is  ''sweat''.
During the old times, most martial arts contained training and exercises that work on knuckles, and even in Taekwondo we do remember that we were performing push ups using the two knuckles of each hand, that was not easy and it was painful, especially that we had wood in our dojangs instead of the mat we have nowadays.
There was a famous Chinese master well known for founding what they call Iron fist, His name was Pan Qing Fu. He was smashing his fists into hard surfaces  such as iron as many as 1,000 times a day. He quickly developed the callused knuckles that are the hallmark of iron-fist training.
With his amazing abilities, master Pan earned a good reputation for being stronger and tougher than nails.
 He was claiming that he did not see any need to use more than 30% of his power, and only only one single punch could knockout his opponent, and that his iron fist was a method that no one could counter
Master Pan was teaching his Iron Fist style to the Chinese police,  which helped them to capture 23 gangs especially that the handguns have been banned at the time in China.
besides this Chinese style, this method exist in other martial arts such as Karate and Taekwondo a long time ago, but the training was different of course.
Let's watch one of the videos that will show you some knuckles work.


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