The kick that changed the face of Tony Ferguson

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 The real power of front kick!

No wonder that front kick is one of the effective kicks in most martial arts, but we can not compare it to some other powerful kicks such as back kick, tornado kick and spinning kicks.

Front kick is seen a lot in Muay Thai fights, and the fighters in that style are very good at using the front kick to the head or the mid section.

The sparring style front kick is not performed the same way as we do in poomsae for example, and for more power the fighter should push the hips forward, while in poomsae the athlete should keep the trunk vertical to the ground.

the fights inside the octagon are real and the fighters are using only effective kicks and they do not waste energy to show the beauty of their kicks.

Front kick if mastered well can cause much damage, especially if the target was the jaw, head, or the solar plexus.

One of the MMA fights went viral because of a very impressive front kick that caused a knockout. this fight did not go viral because of the knockout but because of the big change that happened to one fighter because of the kick.

 The fight was between Tony Ferguson and Michael chandler.

Tony Ferguson, born as Anthony Armand Padilla February 12, 1984 in California (USA).

He comes from a wrestling and Jiujitsu background. He has a respected record in the Mixed martial arts competition, with a total of 33 fights, 25 wins (12 by knockout) and 8 losses.

Michael Chandler is also an American mixed martial artist born April 24, 1986 in Missouri (USA) and his background is also wrestling .

He did a total of 31 fights in mixed martial arts competition, He won 23 fights (11 by knockout) and lost 8 fights.

The fight between Tony and Michael was held in the United States on May 7, 2022, it ended in  17 seconds of the second round by a knockout, when Michael executed a very powerful front kick to the jaw of Tony, which completely changed the face of Tony and made him look like a very old man.

Looking at the picture would give you the impression that you are looking at a very old man or to a photoshopped picture, but the prove is the video of this action.

and here we have that video to see the prove.