Black belt at 7 and 3rd Dan at 11

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Practicing taekwondo since a very young age is absolutelly helping the student to absorb the techniques, and be able to learn and master the techniques faster than those who attend Taekwondo at an old age, but there are things that can not come with a very young age. When we talk about belt, it is not only about performing the techniques in a correct way, but it is about understanding the philosophy of taekwondo as a martial art. Being a black belt means being mature as a person, and kids can be that way at a young ago.
The parents are feeling so proud when their kids earn any color belt, and extremely happy when their kids get black belt.
There are many examples of kids who attended Taekwondo and did earn black belts so early, but today we have an example who did a special thing that even adult people do not do in a very short period.  
The little girl Charlize Herber started practicing Taekwondo at the age of 4 years old, and she was lucky to have  the support of her parents Chuck and Deborah Herbert. After three years of practice, She did her test for the first Dan black belt under her master Sung Lee.
After four years the little Charlize earned her black belt the third Dan at the age of 11 years old.
We are not going to blame kids for willing to wear the black belt as soon as possible, and the responsible about about all this is the master/instructor, and schools should be more serious about this matter, and they should give time for the kids to grow up in Taekwondo, because Taekwondo is not kicking, punching and blocking.
The schools should not be like grocery shops or what they call Mcdojos/ Mcdojangs.
Please let us know your thought about this