Hansen: MMA was escape after 'I was raped and sexually assaulted' by father

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The article of today is a bit painful and tough to read, because it is about a very ugly thing that happens everywhere ad can happen to anyone.

The abuse or rape is something hated by all societies, and it is a result of some sick people who do not have any borders.

Being a victim of abuse or rape may damage the future of most people who do not have enough support and therapy that can be very necessary in most cases. 

It requires really bravery for the victims to talk about it because it is still seen as taboos in societies, and the bad thing is that the victims feel ashamed of talking about it, even though they have done nothing bad but they are only victims.

It is unbelievable when we hear stories of rape by relatives and close relatives, this means that people sometimes share the house with monsters, and trusting people they should not trust. This is why it is so important for the society be aware of this danger that may destroy any society.

The Former UFC fighter Kay Hansen opened up about her bad experience with her father and this is what she wrote:

“My successes and struggles have all been in the public eye for many years, but everyone has a story behind the scenes,” Hansen wrote on social media Tuesday with a link to a new mini-documentary video. “I was raped/SA [sexually assaulted] by my father as a teenager for years. Fighting/training was my escape, and the only form of reality I really had control over.”

“I never spoke up about the abuse I endured due to the fear of repercussions that may follow,” Hansen wrote. “I tell my story, not to ‘help people get to know me,’ but to use the platform my sport has given me to inspire courage in someone who is, or once was, in a similar situation. Sexual abuse is far too common, but often times swept under the rug. You do not have to go through this alone. You deserve peace and justice. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.”