The worst referee of all time

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 We do admit that being a referee is not an easy task even though many people do underestimate that.

In most sports the referee can be the factor that makes an athlete or a team win the match or contest.

In martial arts especially in the  sparring contests, the referee is not there only to organize and rule the fight, but also has a big role for the safety of the fighters.

We came across a terrible video for an MMA fight, where the referee was there without doing his job in a good way.

The referee should have a very quick reaction whenever there is a necessary need to, especially if the life of a fighter is in danger.

In this video we can see that one fighter is shocked and absolutely not conscious during a submission, while the referee kept watching them, and even with many people and the doctor were yelling and screaming so that the referee stops that fight but no reaction.

In my opinion i do think that this type of referee should be banned for life, because he was about to commit a big crime.

Not sure if this referee was not punished for what he has done in this fight or not, and we hope that he will be banned from this game, because he went too far.

We do understand that sometimes the referee should wait to see if the fighter has no normal responses but it should not take ages to realize that.

Sometimes the fighters object if the referee stops the fight so early because they think that they are still in the fight, but in the case we have today, the poor fighter was out of the fight .

Feel free to share your thoughts with us, and if there are any news about this referee and any sanctions.

The video