The most recent appearance of Bolo Yeung at 77 YO

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 The most recent appearance of the big Bolo Yeung

Probably none did the bad guy in martial arts movies as Bolo Yeung did, and he did that without even talking, his face, the way he stares at his enemies, his giant chest muscles were a good full package for a real bad guy.

When watching his movies, You will forget that this guy is an actor because his way of acting make the scenes very real.

Today we are going to talk about his most recent appearance on a video that was recorded by one of his fans.

Bolo Yeung is not seen much on the media and also he is not active in the social media, only his son is active on Instagram and sometimes posting old videos and pictures about his father Bolo Yeung.

This fan met Bolo Yeung with his daughter and luckily she was there to translate the question to het father and from Bolo to the fan.

One of the questions was about how Bolo stays in shape, and his answer was good enough to inspire everyone of us, He said that he exercises everyday :)

Bolo Yeung is 76 years young and he will be 77 on July 3 this year (2023)

What I personally like in this video is the patience of Bolo to answer the questions of this fun, even if it seems that the big Bolo is not speaking much English, I also like the great way this fan greeted Bolo and the polite way to ask his questions.

Besides being a martial artist, Bolo Yeung is a bodybuilder and won a few titles in bodybuilding and he has a special friendship with the iconic American bodybuilder Flex Wheeler.

Bolo did over 80 films but  we all would agree that the best appearance was with Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, and also with Jean Claude Van Damme in Blood Sport movie.

Let's watch this short amazing interview :)