Adesanya finally beat his hunter Alex Pereira in the 4th fight between the two

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 After losing against him three times, finally Israel Adesanya had the time a good revenge, even though it took him so long.

The first loss of Adesanya against the Brazilian fighter was in a different competition, and at the time they competed in Professional Kickboxing. The fight was held in China in 2016, Adesanya was 26 years old and Alex Perreira was 28 years old, and it was by unanimous decision.

One year after this fight, the two will meet again in Brazil this time, and Adesanya will lose again by 

a knockout (left hook) .

Five years later, the two will face each other in the MMA competition (Mixed martial arts), and again Alex will win by a technical knockout (punches).

This is honestly too much for any fighter to give up on winning against someone like that, because the psychological effect only will beat any fighter before even stepping on the ring.  

April 8, 2023, the big day for Adesanya has come, and he met his hunter again for the 4th time in the United States.

Adesanya succeeded to knockout Alex Perreira in the second round after 4 minutes and 21 seconds.

Alex has a very respected record i different competitions, with 40 fights in kickboxing, and 9 fights in mixed martial arts and only one in professional boxing.

Even though Adesanya is two years younger than Alex, but his record is too big.

Adesanya had 6 professional boxing matches, 80 fights in Kickboxing and 26 fights in the Mixed Martial Arts.