Taekwondo real panda of 300 pounds

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Nicknamed as Beastboy and Huggy Bear, Chris Barnett is a heavy mixed martial artist who comes from  a Taekwondo background, the way he moves is making his 300 pounds very light weight :)

It is strange to see fighters with this heavy weight perform such impressive Taekwondo kicks.

Chris has a nice mixed martial arts record of 31 fights (23 wins and 8 losses ).

Barnett was born in Zaragoza, Spain, where his father was stationed as a United States Air Force captain. Around the age of four, the family returned to the United States and after bouncing around they settled in Georgia. Both of his parents are black belts in Taekwondo, and he started training the martial art around the age of five. Barnett went to Campbellsville University and University of South Florida and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree. At Campbellsville, Barnett competed in Wrestling on a scholarship and began training in Judo. Barnett received an invitation to try out mixed martial arts after showing his moves in a dance battle, and started training immediately.

Even though he started martial arts too young, Chris was always overweight, but this did not stop him from performing tornado kicks, and spinning kicks and even sometimes the flips.

Chris is a very entertaining fighter who can mix the fighting style and fun :)

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