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In every martial art and especially in full contact styles, the fighters should be awake as much as possible in every second during the fight, because being absent for even a second may cost the fighter all the fight. knockouts can happen when a strike hits at the right time and when it reaches a certain amount of power. Knockouts and knock downs happen in most martial arts especially the full contact ones such as Boxing, Muay Thai, kick Boxing, MMA... The article today is about Boxing knockouts. ''The comment on this video posted on YouTube describe it as the worst sucker punch that has seen in a very long time. Ruben Torres threw a cheap shot, left hook that knocked out Cristian Baez on Saturday night. Ruben Torres vs Cristian Baez was the main event from Thompson Boxing. Torres overcame a knockdown to get the questionable win over a very game Cristian Baez.'' Ruben surprised his opponent after touching the gloves by a strong left punch and knock him out, few seconds before that Christian was complaining against something which could have been a cause of his distraction and did nit expect something to come fast after touching the gloves. Do you think this is an ugly way to win? Feel free to share your thoughts with us :)

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