Very powerful (tornado + roundhouse kick) knockout

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Taekwondo is a very powerful martial art and no matter the big changes that occurred to the sparring through the Olympic style, some schools still teach the traditional Taekwondo fighting style.

Taekwondo Olympic style looks soft and weak for many people, especially those who practiced Taekwondo  twenty years ago and older.

Nowadays, we rarely see knockouts in Kyorugi competitions, which means that the sparring competition has changed a lot, and sometimes a world championships can finish without any knockout or knock downs and this is of course a good thing for the safety of athletes, which is where the World Taekwondo Federation is taking Taekwondo, they want more people to be engaged in this ''sport''.

We came a cross this recent taekwondo knockout video that happened during the World Taekwondo championships that was held in 2022.

The fight was between the Mexican Carlos Samsores  and the Japanese Wanda. The Mexican performance a spectacular composed kick, by using a tornado kick (360 degree kick) to the trunk followed by a roundhouse kick (dolyochagi) to the head, which knocked out the Japanese athlete.

The two fighters are over 200 Lbs heavyweight which makes the kicks very powerful.

Let's watch the video and feel free to share your thoughts with us


  1. Not much respect or discipline here,in traditional Tae kwon do sparing if you injured your opponent you would be expected to turn away from the injured person and kneel down..until the slain person had recovered,perhaps its been dropped by the instructors of this student

    1. I agree, total lack of discipline and respect.

    2. Agreed. So tired of seeing disrespectful taekwondo fighters. We need to bring back discipline and humility!

  2. Je cherche ça vous j'étais qeul ville