Synthol boy knocked down during a press conference

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 Not many people around the world have heard about synthol oil before, but the social media is good at sharing whatever happening around the world and make it go viral.

The fitness became very popular around the world and the fitness industry is making billions of dollars daily, because people are simply interested to be healthy and to look great, especially the younger generation.

Gaining muscles is not an easy objective, and without gum training and good nutrition it is impossible to make that dream true.

Some athletes can take the easier and expensive way, which is training and steroids (which is not safe for most athletes).

The other way that requires time and money is good natural nutrition and training.

But some weird guys can choose a strange way which is a same day result 😁

Some people found the easier and cheaper way to build big muscles in the same day by injecting this oil inside the muscle directly. 

It was invented in the mid-1990s by a German bodybuilder named Chris Clark, synthol is a thick oil that is usually injected directly into the "belly" of a muscle to literally pump it up. 

We can see many videos of several crazy people around the world who used this synthol oil in their muscles, especially in Brazil and in poor places. But our fake hero today in a Russian young man or synthol boy and his name is Kirill Tereshin Aka Bazooka. 

During this press conference he tried to attack his opponent but this one lift him off the ground and smacked him on the ground and knocked him down. 

This synthol boy had already a bad experience with his fake synthol biceps and he went through a surgery, but he still can not stop injecting his muscles with this poisonous oil.