This self defense against this abuser went too far

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If we go back and get a look at the history of martial arts in general, we would find that the main reason of founding them was self defense and protection the high profile people in old societies such as kings and princes. 

Even nowadays, martial arts are still used for self protection but mostly for the physical fitness, because most societies are organized by rules, except some societies that still look like a jungle even in the 21 century.

It is great to master the martial arts and the techniques used for self defense, but the best choice ever is to avoid using your martial arts for a self defense if you can.

The rules is our societies are limiting our behaviors even for protecting our selves, and using '''' techniques can put you in trouble.

Everyone practicing martial arts should have self control and also be wise enough to avoid any physical as much as possible, or at least stop the danger of the attacker without causing any serious injury.

We came across a scary video, where one guy was showing off his power over another guy who seemed to be avoiding any physical fight, but things would not be under control anymore, especially after that abuser went too far and pushed the other guy to the ground and started attacking him, in couple of seconds the abused guy started defending himself and kicked the abuser to the head when he was already on the ground. This caused more than a knockout, and it seems that situation was very serious.

We do not have any information about what happened to that abuser, but it was scary to see his reactions when he was on the ground, and it was clear that he has no control on his actions anymore.

Our advice to every martial artist, please have more control even when defending your self. In many countries in the world, the act of self defense does not make you get rid of responsibility, especially if the consequences were so serious.

Be safe everyone!

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