The ageless Taekwondo practitioner who founded Tae Bo

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 The article today is about a Taekwondo practitioner who created a fitness program that changed the life of millions of people around the world.

His fitness exercise program was successful in many countries even though the communication at the time was not developed like now.

At the time magazines and VHS tapes were the best ways to spread martial arts and sports, and but we can not compare those tools with internet today.

The fitness exercise program went viral in early nineties and Billy became a big influencer at the time without any social media plat forms such as Instagram or Facebook :)

Even his instructors did not believe he would accomplish much  in martial arts, but he proved everyone was wrong. He was born with an anomaly in his hip joints that did weaken his techniques.

Billy Wayne Blanks was born September 1, 1955 in Pennsylvania.

He started his martial arts journey at the age of eleven, and started practicing Taekwondo and Karate.

Billy started developing his new fitness sport in 1976, and he called it Tae Bo. At the time Blanks was only twenty one years old which is quite impressive.

The term ''TAE'' comes from the Korean martial art ''Taekwondo'' and BO come from Boxing.

Tae Bo became very popular in late 80s and early 90s, and Billy  He sold over 1.5 million VHS tapes in his first year, and is reported to have grossed between $80 million and $130 million in sales.

The fitness program is fun and open for all ages, and it is helping to get a good fitness.

It is inspiring to see people who are over 60 years old and who are physically in a great shape.

Billy Blanks is one of those people that we can describe as ageless humans. At 67 years old now Billy is still a fit person and still inspiring many people around the world.