Former Mike Tyson opponent Julius Francis (57) knocked out a guy while working as a security agent.

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Former Mike Tyson opponent Julius Francis (57) knocked out a guy while working as a security agent.

The former Mike Tyson opponent Julius Francis aged of  57 years delivered one knockout punch to this guy who was threatening security guards, and was cursing much, and it seems like he was too confident about himself, He thought that he can do whatever he wants without getting destroyed by those security staff.

This unknown guy went too far but he probably he did not know that one of the security is a real beast even though his age.

Julius Francis was a former professional boxer who had a respectful record in boxing.

Julius  Francis is a British boxer born December 8, 1964, He  turned pro at the age of 28 years old in 1993, he has a boxing record of 49 fights, he won 25 fights (14 by knockout) and he lost 24 fights and one draw.

He fought against very respectful boxers such as the Ukrainian Vitali Klitschko in 1998 and the great Mike Tyson in 2000.

Back to the story :) 

This ''very confident guy'' was unstoppable and kept threatening the security staff without knowing that one of them is a real destroyer, and even at 57 years old, Julius still got it :)

He delivered a terrifying knockout punch to this guy and put him directly to sleep :)

After his retirement in 2007, Francis works as a security guard at BOXPARK Wembley, and it is so normal that he is not under lights as he was before when he was still active in boxing days, but this incident brought him to lights again and this incident went viral in many social media platforms, and even those who never heard about him will check his previous fights, especially the one he had against Mike Tyson (Francis was 36 at the time while Tyson was 34).

I think that Francis sent a message to everyone thinking to mess up with the security staff working in BOXPARK Wembley :)

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