Jake Paul responds to Mike Tyson offer and agrees to 300 million US$ fight

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 The Youtuber star Jake Paul has responded to the offer of the legendary boxer Mike Tyson and agree to fight him for 300 million US$ :)

Jake thanked Tyson for praise of his YouTube boing Channel, and he is willing the fight to happen before the end of this year.

The two verbally agreed to face each other last year but nothing was planned at the time.

Mike Tyson said that the fight with Jake Paul is possible before the end of this year. Paul thanked Mike Tyson for the respect and the opportunity.

Tyson thinks that Jake Paul is bringing new boxing audience to this sport and making a good promotion for boxing.

The legendary Mike Tyson defended Jake's boxing record and said that he did not face good fighters but those fighter should have won but they did not and he beat them all.

In the other hand, I do think that things are getting out of boxing and money is controlling every sport, and if i ask anyone this question: Would you fight Mike Tyson for 300 million US$? The answer would be a big YES, even if you are sure that Mike may paralyze you :)

Money is taking away the art and the essence of everything, and instead of watching pure boxing fights, with fighters of the same category (age and weight), we see the fights that combine the contradictions.

Mike Tyson is 55 years old and weighing 100 KG, while Jake Paul is only 25 years old and about 90 KG (Cruiserweight).

In my opinion this kind of fights should not be allowed especially when much money is involved there, because this is going to promote a wrong image of boxing. It is okay if to organize exhibition match to entertain people sometimes, but everything has limits.

What do you guys think about this? should this fight happen?