The most scary Female knockouts in MMA

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Brutality and knockouts in women martial arts.

The Mixed Martial Arts competition is still one of the toughest competitions in all the fighting styles, and not only men division but also women division is so powerful.

The knockout is happening in most MMA fights because the competition is created this way since its beginning.

Most fighters are very high level athletes and most of them are coming from traditional and modern martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo, boxing, Jiujitsu... MMA athletes are training on the most effective techniques from several fighting styles, because they do not need any fancy moves inside the octagon and only the real thing can save you there.

Knockouts and knock downs happen a lot in Mixed Martial Arts fights because the athletes are simply trained to do that, and most fighters do their best to finish the fights as fast as possible.

Most knockouts happen by powerful punches or kicks, and with no protection or gears on the head any strike is always having a significant damage.

female MMA fighters are also too strong and we all can see the amount of power in their fights, and we can say that those female fighters can even knockout male fighters.

Many female MMA athletes train with men which increase their fighting abilities and make them sometimes challengers to men :)

We came across one of the videos that contain female knockouts in MMA and Kickboxing , and we thought to share it with you, and this may be too v.i.o.l.e.n.t  for some viewers but this is MMA.

Some of these knockouts look really scary for this division. Some would say that these competition should have more protection for the safety of the athletes, while many people prefer to see it this way, and it is so clear that most viewers like to watch the Mixed Martial Arts fights because they want to see the knockouts and the knock downs.

What do you guys think about these knockouts? Does MMA need more protection for the safety of the fighters?