Jackie Chan transformation

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Everyone knows Jackie Chan, He is very famous in all the world because he made a lot of martial arts movies and he created his own signature, and you can see that in style and choreographies, He is funny, athletic and he masters his style of fighting without any doubt.
He appeared in the screen at a very early age of 5 years old, and step by step He started building his personality in martial arts movies as a stunt, and the best one was when Chan appeared in the Bruce Lee film Fist of Fury (1972), both as an extra and as a stunt double for the Japanese villain Hiroshi Suzuki (portrayed by Riki Hashimoto), particularly during the final fight scene where Lee kicks him and he flies through the air. Chan again appeared in another Bruce Lee film, Enter the Dragon (1973), as a minor henchman who gets killed by Lee's character. Sammo Hung helped Chan get minor roles in both of the Bruce Lee films. Chan also worked as a martial arts choreographer for John Woo's The Young Dragons (1974).
He made an incredible number of movies, television and documentaries. Chan made 185 films in his career till now, Chan was a kid in 6 of them. He also made 14 documentaries and 5 tv series.
60 years of very hard word and commitment to his passion, Chan broke every bone in his body, because he was the stunt and actor at the same time, he had many serious injuries while filming some dangerous scenes, and he was taken the hospital so many times.
This says a lot about the legendary Jackie Chan and makes him unique compared to any other martial arts actors.
Chan won 45 awards and nominated 45 times for his movies.
At the age of 68 years old, Jackie Chan still looks healthy even though his age. Everyone will get old but the important thing to get old in a good and healthy way, and getting old never mean to be unhealthy.