A Dad makes his Bully son fight against a pro boxer

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Bullying is always one of the bad issues that most societies are struggling with, especially in schools and the streets, but it is a very hard to deal with it because the origin of this negative behaviors come from the family backgrounds.

Many families are not stable and have some issues such as abuse between parents (Husband  and wife) and sometimes between parents and kids. Growing up in this kind of environment may affect the behavior of kids.

Sometimes the family can be stable and happy but the kid's behavior can be influenced by what they deal with in the streets or the schools. 

The behavior of bullying others is causing a lot of damage to to kids and may affect their life in the future, the abuser always enjoys the superiority above other kids, especially if there is a difference of size or age.

Most abusers are suffering of inferiority complexes that can be related to racism issues or even to school results, and to defeat that inferiority they may behave in anyway that would make them feel superior than others, and it does not matter how bad it is. 

The story today is a bit strange and I personally never heard about something similar to it. 

The story is about a boy who is bullying other kids and his father decided to correct his behavior in a ''strange'' way. This father brought a professional boxer to correct his son's attitude through a boxing fight :) This way his abusive son will have a chance to fight against someone who hits back.

This teen (bully) had two rounds in this fight, the first one was against a boxer older than him and it looks that he was talking to him while he was punching him and he was a bit gentle with him, and the bully managed to get out the first round without blood, even through he fell once after few punches.

The second round was not easy and it was against a boxer who is closer to his age and also weight, this boxer here had no mercy on our guy here and was punching him as if it was a real fight.

After this second round the young bully was completely exhausted and he was bleeding from his mouth and noise.

This was a tough lesson for this young bully and we hope that was a good opportunity to change his attitude to the best, and it probably would be a good choice for him if he decided to start any martial art, that would help him to get over this negative behavior.

What do you think guys about what this father did to/for his son to change his attitude? Did he go too far as a solution?

your comments and thoughts do matter.