Michael Jackson vs Muhammad Ali boxing (Rare)

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We found this amazing video of Muhammad Ali and Jackson five making a funny interview :)

The amazing part in this video is that we can see the phenomenal Michael Jackson showing his boxing skills in front of the greatest Muhammad Ali, mixed with some of his dancing moves. Michael's moves were really fast and it show that he could have been also a great light weight boxer. Michael Jackson asked Muhammad Ali what he will do after retiring from Boxing, and he replied that he will join Michael's team and make it Jackson 6 instead of Jackson 5 :)

This interview was in 1977when the Jackson 5 had their very own variety show.

They invited Muhammad Ali in the third episode, and this is what happened :)

''A 18-year-old Michael Jackson was standing toe to toe with the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time. Michael started to flurry at Ali's head as Ali bobbed and weaved to evade Michael's blinding speed punches.

Michael asked Ali, "Do you think I can float like a butterfly and sting like bee?" (while throwing a flurry of punches towards Ali's face and even improvising a spin dance move).

Ali responds in a poem which basically was a rap about how Michael needs to eat more grits to put more meat on his bones. (Implying that Michael needs to bulk up before he boxes.)''

No matter what many people think about Michael Jackson but we would say that he was a real legend, and he was the best entertainer every and none moved like MJ.

In the other hand, Muhammad Ali was one of the best boxers ever.