Fighter chockes out the referee after being knocked out in 10 seconds

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This is how it looks like to wake up from a knockout!!
The knockout is something that always attract the audience to the martial arts competitions, even though many fighting styles are trying more and more to make their competitions safer, and in other way they try to make the fights end up by points other than knockouts or knock downs..
Most of the fights in the mixed martial arts competitions end up by knockouts, knock downs or submissions and sometimes by the points score.
The fight of today is a bit crazy because of the way it ended up.
This MMA fight was between Ryse "Showtyme" Brink and Joe Nehm.
Let's introduce the two fighters first!
Ryse Brink is an American fighter born August 4, 1993,  He has a record of 10 pro fights, He won 8 fights and lost two fights.
He also did two fights as an amateur where he won one fight and lost one.
He made his pro debut in April 2016 and he won that first fight against JJ Stephenson by a Triangle Choke.
Joe Nehm is also an Amercian MMA fighter who did more amateur fights than Ryse, He did  4 fights as an amateur between 2012 and 2016, He won two and lost two.
He also became a pro in 2016 and he won his first fight against Moe Williams by a rear Naked Choke, but later he lost three fights including the one against Ryse.
Ryse "Showtyme" Brink Finished Joe Nehm by a knockout in only 10 seconds, but the crazy thing is that Joe attacked the referee unconsciously and chocked him out, thinking that he is still fighting against Ryse who was celebrating his win above the cage :)
We have seen a few cases like that after knockouts, and it is saying much about the degree of the knockout.
Luckily, the medical professional  help is there to minimize the damage that could happen and guarantee the safety of the fighter whenever such incident happen!


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