Broken arm (Elbow)

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Incidents happen in many martial arts sparring competitions, but Taekwondo is becoming one of the safest fighting styles.
The Kyorugi in Taekwondo is not the same like old days, now we athletes or fighters are wearing gears for every part the body, Helmet, chest protector, groin gear, shin and arm protectors, gloves, socks and also teeth protectors, but with all these gears the accidents still happen.
This fight is not a new one, It was held in Austin, Texas in the United States of America in 2010, and we can see that fighters are not wearing gloves because they were not adopted yet by the WT.
We do not have records about the fighters in this fight but what is sure is that both are in senior category.
The blue corner looked a bit better than the red corner in this fight and he was the one trying to attack all the time, and it was probably the reason that cause his injury when he fell. 
If the blue was a bit calm he would win this fight easily because his opponent was not strong enough and we can see that clearly in this fight.
The blue corner fell and needed a medical help the first time he fell and it seems that it was his knee because the camera man did not show what was happening, and he came back to fight and started as nothing happened. The blue was too confident and wanted more than scoring and that when he followed the red hogu and jumped to kick his head and this is when the injury happened, He fell on his hand and it looks like he broke his hand on the elbow part.
The message or lesson that we can learn from this fight is that power should be controlled because it may hurt the person himself, also if you can win a fight without knocking out or knocking down your opponent then it t would be better.
Be safe everyone.