600 LB vs 169 LB Fight

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The article today is about one of the most entertaining fights in the mixed martial arts competition.
The crazy part in this fight is the huge size gap between the two fighters.
The fight was between the American sumo wrestler amateur Emmanuel Yarbrough and the Japanese mixed martial artist Daiji Takase, and it was held June 24, 1998 in Tokyo, Japan
Emannuele lost the fight against Daiji in the second round (3.22)
Emmanuel was 34 years old at the time while Daiji was only 20 years old, but the gap of size was just shocking.
The American Emmanuel a Super Heavyweight and his weight was 600 lb (272 kg; 42 st 12 lb) and his height was 6ft 8 inches, and he comes from from a background of Sumo, Wrestling and Judo (Brown belt in Judo).
He has a record of 5 participations in World amateur Sumo:
1995 World Amateur Sumo Champion
1992 1st Sumo World Championships Open Division 2nd Place
1993 2nd Sumo World Championships Open Division 3rd Place
1994 3rd Sumo World Championships Open Division 2nd Place
1996 5th Sumo World Championships Open Division 2nd Place
In the mixed martial arts competition he has a small record of 3 fights old (won 1 and lost 2)  
The Japanese fighter Daiji nicknamed the Newaza artist and the Grappler king from the shadows, his weight was 183 lb (83 kg; 13.1 st) (Welterweight Middleweight) and his height is 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) , his background is boxing and kickboxing.
Daiji has a mixed martial arts record of 29 fights (won 12, lost 25 and 2 draws), and he also has a kickboxing record of 9 fights (5 wins and 4 losses)
let's watch the fight  and feel free to share you thoughts with us about it, and if you still think that size does really matter