New Taekwondo kyorugi rules to be applied soon

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The World Taekwondo Federation came up with new changes on the Kyorugi rules, and some of these changes may surprise you.

Some rules changes would remind the old generation about the old days of Taekwondo, while other changes probably were brought from other fighting competitions such as boxing.

So let's go to see these changes:

- The winning decision  is based on how many rounds you won not by the total of points the fighter has scored in all rounds, there will be three rounds and the fighter who won more rounds will be declared as a winner such as in boxing for example.

A fighter is declared winner if he/she wins two rounds (1st and 2nd round) and they won't need to do a third round.

- Kicks are not allowed to the back of he head, this could make the game more safer which a good thing.

- No warning (Keumjang) if you do a spinning back kick to the head and you fall down, and you will get the points you scored if you do touch the head for example.

- getting 4 keumjangs in one round will make the fighter lose that round:

This change here is a very hard one and fighters should be more careful, and for sure most coaches would work on it, and create more strategies to make their opponents commit more mistakes.

- Points gap is 12 points per round:

The difference of 12 points in one round will make you a winner

- the video reply will not be only for head kicks but also for other kicks to the trunk.

- The maximum number of kicks allowed to do while the leg is up is only two kicks

- Kicks similar to monkey kick and those weird kicks are not allowed.

These are the most important changes that will be applied soon and expected to be early June 2022, and it is time  for those who compete to start working on new strategies based on these new changes.

please fell free to share your opinions with us about these new changes

Good luck everyone


  1. They need to remove that pushing and kicking the same time.. it will become wrestling or judo style.. they should only clinch for couple second and they need to push back if not get a con jom .. But I think they should leave it alone before you ruin the sport of Taekwondo🙏🙏🙏

    1. I agree. The clinch game is taking too much time out of the match. People are using it to rest or throw cheap shots. It needs to be only as a defensive method and then separate quickly. No kicks and no pushes to separate.

  2. How about requiring real impact to score? Today’s competition mostly looks like a game of “Tag”. Not entirely but too often. Let’s get rid of that.

  3. "Kicks are not allowed to the back of he head, this could make the game more safer which a good thing."

    This one is commonly misquoted. the rules say kicks to the back of the head are not allowed from the clinch position

  4. Get rid of that front leg fencing. Bring back the rules of the 1980's when fighting was fighting and more exciting. Today's Nyack belt playrrs look like white belts and today's style of Tae kwon do I'd a sports program, not a martial art. Why learn a combat art if uou can't defend yoursrlf.