18 years old Tyson vs 24 years old Winston Bent

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18 years old Tyson vs 24 years old Winston Bent

The Iron Mike Tyson was a scary boxer since a very young age, and there are videos of him as a teen where he looked so huge for his age. Even before becoming a pro boxer, Mike Tyson showed a great talent in Boxing.

Today we wanted to show you a very old and rare video of a boxing match match that was held a long time ago in 1984, at the time Mike was an amateur heavy weight.

This fight was held August 18, 1984 in Syracuse against the boxer Winston Bentt who had a very short boxing career of one year (1984- 1985).

Tyson was about 18 years old at the time during this match while Winston Bent was 24 years old.

Even with these six years big gap of age, Tyson succeeded to knock out Winston Bentt in the third round.

This amateur fight looks better than many pro boxing fights that we see nowadays :)

Winston Bentt had a record of three fights, and he lost all of them by knock out, and probably this was the reason behind his early retirement or lets say the reason of quitting boxing.

Let's watch this boxing fight between  the 18 years old Mike Tyson at the time and the 24 years old Winston Bentt, and feel free to share your thoughts with us.