Mike Tyson punched this passenger on the plane

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This passenger was too excited maybe to see the Iron Mike Tyson in the same plane. But it seems that this passenger who could be a fan went too far and bothered Mike Tyson too much. We do not really know if he said too much more than what we saw in this video, but the reaction of Mike Tyson was a bit violent toward this young man and he repeatedly punched him on the face, and we can see some blood on this passenger face. 

It is probably the first time that Mike acts this way against someone after his retirement at least against non boxers.

Those punches made the passenger more calm and also calmed his excitement 😌

Some witnesses claimed that the conversation between Mike and the passenger was friendly and they even had a selfie together, but the passenger annoyed Mike after that which made him agree. 

Mike Tyson left the plane and the poor passenger got the medical attention. 

Some of you would see that Mike's reaction was too much and would think that the behavior of this passenger is normal especially if you find yourself sitting near your idol. 

Mike Tyson did a comeback lately and became fit again after many years of being overweight and they organized a friendly fight for him and Roy Jones Jr (finished by a draw), and it was nice to see him inspiring people again even after his retirement, but a new or old habit started to show up, and we do see him a lot smoking weed, which is strange for athletes to do that in public. Mike has a partnership with a cannabis company called Columbia Care.

According to Mike, He said that it was a mistake that he was not smoking during his active years, and that he was punching everyone on the face even those asking for an autograph, He said that was totally out of control. After his retirement he started smoking :)

We do not know if what happened on the plane was because he did not smoke maybe!!

Besides all that, we do have huge respect to Mike Tyson.

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