The untouchable fighter '' The Matrix ''

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The article today is about a martial artist who has a unique fighting style, He is a Muay Thai and Kickboxing fighter. 
Born October 22, 1981, Phuket, Thailand, Lerdsila Chumpairtour is a multiple-time Muay Thai world champion (WMC, WBC, WKN, WLF, WPMF, WCK) and three-time Rajadamnern Stadium champion across three weight classes.[2] He is also a world kickboxing champion.
He has an incredible record of 229 fights including 191 wins and 33 losses and 5 draws.    
During his career Lerdsila won 100 consecutive fights without a loss which is very impressive and honnestly i do not know any fighter in any martial art who has this Accomplishment.
Lerdsila is about 40 years old and still competing, and his last fight was November 27, 2021. The fight was against the Chinese Huang Shuailu, and Lerdsila lost this fight.
This what Lerdsila said: ''When I fight, I have fun with the game, I don't think about losing or winning''
The amazing part in his style is that he is tooo good at avoiding his opponents punches and kicks, and his explanation is kind of modest. He admits he is not faster than his opponents but he simply acts before they do.
We may here give him another nicknames besides those he already has. 
I would personally call him the real life fighting matrix, and if you watch his fights you will notice his incredible reactions and also how easy he is dealing with his opponents.
He is not underestimating his opponents but he simply go to the fight without a pressure.
Lerdsila developed his style through a long period of training in Jocky Gym, where fighters were trained to be fast, elusive and technical oriented. Lerdsila explained that he likes to mix Muay Thai with techniques he saw in other martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate and Boxing.
Let's watch this video of this amazing fighter and feel free to share your thoughts and opinions about his style, and also the incredible number of his fights.
Your thoughts do matter.