The size does matter in this carnage

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  Does the size really matter?


In today's article we are going to talk about the size in the competitive martial arts, and how can it affect the performance of fighters.

The difference of size can be by weight or height, and today we are going to focus on both the height and weight between the competitors.

In Taekwondo and other martial arts, being tall can be an important factor that would help the competitor to win a fight, but it does not mean that does not mean that tall fighters are undefeated.

Not only the height can make a difference but also the weight, and when we say weight we mean heavier in muscles not in fat. 

 Being tall helps the fighters to have a long reach in kicks and also punches, and having the ability to manage a fight from a safe distance.

Having bigger muscles can logically show the superiority in power of kicks and punches.

In this article we have fight between Gabi Garcia and Megumi Yabushita that was held 7 July 2017. Let's introduce them first.

Gabi Garcia is a Brazilian professional fighter and was born 17 November 1985, and she was 32 years old when she fought Megumi. She has a professional boxing record of one fight (No contest), a mixed martial arts record of 7 fights (6 wins, 0 losses, 1 no contest) and hold many titles in BJJ competitions.

Megumi Yabushita was a former Japanese professional martial artist, born 2 March 1972, She was 45 years when the fight happened.

She has a record of 13 fights in kickboxing (1 win, 10 losses, 1 no contest),  and in Mixed martial arts she has a record of 42 fights (19 wins, 23 losses).

Let's check the differences between the two fighters.

- The age difference between the two fighters is 13 years (Megumi is older)

- Weight difference of 46 kg

Megumi weight is 61 kg (134 lb) while Gabi is 235 lb (107 kg).

- Height difference of 30 cm

Megumi height is 1.58 m (5 ft 2 in) while Gabi is 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m).

This is an open weight fight and it does not really look fair at all, Megumi looks like a young little girl while Gabi is a giant fighter.

we can not really understand why Gabi used illegal kicks in this fight and the fact is that she does not need that at all, because she already better in everything and an win this fight easily.

The fight ended up by no contest because Gabi used illegal soccer kick that knocked Megumi down.

tell us what do you think about this fight?


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  1. Shorties can get in closer, inside opponents legs and arm. Very disrupting to a tall person.