The Greatest Knockout in the history of Women Boxing

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 The fight of today's article is about the craziest and scary knockout in the history of women boxing, and the winner of this fight was Ann Wolfe when she knocked out Vonda Ward in 2004. Let's introduce the boxing monster Ann Wolfe.

Ann Wolfe is an American retired boxer, born January 17, 1971  in Austin, Texas. Her other nickname is brown Sugar. Ann held world titles in three different weight classes. Ann Wolfe fought in Light middleweight, Middleweight, Super middleweight and Light heavyweight.
She has a great record in boxing, She did 26 fights, she won 24 including 16 by knockout, She lost only one fight and has also one draw. Ann Wolfe retired from boxing  in 2006 and started her new work as a boxing trainer.
Wolfe has trained many amateur and professional boxers, including her oldest daughter, Jennifer Fenn, and light-middleweight James Kirkland
Ann also worked a successful film in the role of Amazon warrior Artems in Wonder Woman film.
Although she won 16 of her fights by knockout but the most scary knockout was the one against Vonda Ward on May 8, 2004 in Mississippi Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, Mississippi, U.S.
Ann knocked out Vonda after 1 minute and 8 seconds in the first round only when she throw a terrible punch  to the head of Vonda.
So who is Vonda? was she a weaker boxer?
Vonda Ward is 2 years younger than Ann Wolfe, born March 16, 1973 in Ohio, USA.
She also has a good boxing record of 24 fights, 23 wins including 17 knockouts, and her only loss against Ann Wolfe.
As a Basketball player, Vonda 's height is 201 cm while Ann was only 175 cm.
After this fight between Ann Wolfe and Vonda Ward, the two never lose any fight.
Feel free to tell us your thoughts about this fight, and if you think there any powerful knockouts in women division than can be placed before this one.

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