Taekwondo kick 'Dwit Chagi'' can break ribs

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Taekwondo will be always a martial art no matter what other people say about it, It is still containing the same techniques as before, but the difference is the way of teaching it. The most powerful organizations in Taekwondo especially the form WTF (WT) is promoting a soft style of Taekwondo. In one way it is encouraging all people to practice Taekwondo, and in the other hand, people are practicing a style that can not help them to defend themselves.

Taekwondo is a modern martial art that was founded about 70 years ago, and it has a big influence from Karate in the early days, because of the Japanese colonization and also because many Korean grand masters did learn Karate from Japanese masters such as Geshin funakushi.

Later the Korean martial artists founded their own styles that they called ''Kwans'', and some of them adopted the Karate katas as poomsaes.

Few years later, the main Kwans would choose to be unified under one name which is Taekwondo, and the grand masters would make huge efforts to make Taekwondo different than Karate and other Japanese of Chinese styles, and they have succeeded to do that.

The modern Taekwondo came out with new techniques especially new kicks that made Taekwondo a unique style compared to any other fighting style.

540 degree kick was one of the most entertaining jumping kicks in Taekwondo, and the Korean demonstration teams were good to show off their new creations.

In today's article, we would talk about a different kick that can be used for demonstration and also in fights, it is called mondolyo dwit chagi in Korean.

This fighter here in this fight used it a broke his partner's ribs, this is a different way to perform a back kick, and the back kick is one of the strongest kicks in Taekwondo, it can deliver a very big amount of power if it was done correctly.


  1. I know; Have had my ribs broken by same;; Learnt that if you hit someone Make it hard. Don't want to hit anyone, but if I have to, I want it to be real.

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  3. Plz stop this kind of match. Its really broke my heart

  4. It's crucial to acknowledge Taekwondo's evolution while preserving its core martial art principles. The incorporation of diverse teaching styles reflects its adaptability to cater to a broader audience. Understanding its historical roots, especially the influence of Karate and subsequent innovations, enriches our practice and appreciation of Taekwondo's uniqueness. Exploring advanced techniques like the mondolyo dwit chagi adds depth to our understanding and application of this dynamic martial art.