Women bare knuckle fights

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      We got few feeds back about this topic before, and some of our audience is okay with this type of competitions while others see it too much for both women and men.

Bare-knuckle fighting championship was created and held in 2018 in Philadelphia. BKFC was founded by former American professional boxer David Feldman.

This competition also featured the first American sanctioned women's bare-knuckle fight in modern history.

BKFC organized about 25 events since it creation  and has featured notable talents such as Elvin Leon Brito, Jim Alers, Artem Lobov, Ricco Rodriguez, Charles Bennett, Kendall Grove, Chris Lytle, Joe Riggs, Chase Sherman, Leonard Garcia, Eric Prindle, Joey Beltran, Bec Rawlings, Shannon Ritch, Bobby Gunn, Jason Knight, Johnny Bedford, Paulie Malignaggi, Reza Goodary, Sirimongkol Singmanasak, Arash Mardani, Robert Morrow, and Chris Leben.

According to the boxing history, the first boxing match was held in England in 1681, and it was between the Duke's footman and a butcher.

The first boxing championship was organized in England in the 18th century. at the time James Figg claimed the title in 1719 an held the title for 11 years till his retirement in 1730. James Figg was also behind the idea of boxing sport before Jack Broughton who was the first person to set rules that would be used in boxing contests.

After about 300 years the knuckles Bare fighting is back in a modern way that still have too much v.i.o.l.e.n.c.e.

What you are going to see in these fights is really too much for both men and women, because this fighting competition do not provide any kind of protection for the fighters, is it a full contact punching, and no control requires, the hands are not covered by gloves as in boxing, and the competitors or fighters are not wearing any kind of head gears to protect their heads from those powerful punches.

Bare knuckles punches may not only cause a knockout or a knock down but it also can cause serious damage or fractures. The fact is that this style of punching is not safe for both fighters, I mean the puncher and the one who receives the punch.

watch this and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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