First pro loss of Valerie Loureda nicknamed ''master''

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The first loss of Valerie Loureda.

Let's make a short introduction for both fighters :)

Hannah Guy is a 26 years old American female fighter from Columbus, Mississippi, nicknamed as the Hurricane, She is fighting in flyweight class (125 LBS).

She started her professional carrier in 2019 and won against  Jennifer Clausius (Submission/Armbar).

Valerie Loureda also called master holding a 4th degree (Dan) in Taekwondo, She is 23 years old and also started her 

MMA  career in 2019 and did three pro fights before meeting Hannah in the octagon.

Valerie was criticized a lot for most of her acts including the type of pictures she is posting on her social media account, and revealing too much from her body, which make the content too sexual. I a not trying to judge her because everyone is free to do whatever they want, but it is different when the influencer is an athlete. 

It is strange that many of Loureda's fans were happy when their idol lost her first pro fight, maybe because she went too far.

We all remember her dancing after she knocked out one of her opponents, and it really does not matter what made her react this way, but it is not saluted to dance while your opponent is knocked out, just an opinion.

Back the fight :)

Loureda is quite a good fighter and can use her punches and kicks and it seems that she is not well prepared for the ground wrestling, and Hannah guy succeeded to perform an arm lock which caused an UCL sprain and a brachialis strain, and we do know that Hannah is coming from a Jiu-jitsu background which means that she has a superiority over Valerie on the ground wrestling.

Here is another video from Hannah's Instagram account, that shows some highlights 👇