The worst Taekwondo competitor ever

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Mixed fights series
Honestly we do not like to share negative things about Taekwondo, or events or fights that lessen the value of the Korean martial art, but as a Taekwondo Website, we do believe that we have a responsibility to cover everything we find or witness about Taekwondo.


Everyone know that Taekwondo is a tough martial art and contains very efficient techniques, and we have seen many successful fighters who fight in the MMA competitions and come from a Taekwondo background, and we do not have to prove that Taekwondo is a powerful martial art because it is  a fact. It is true that the Olympic style is much different than the traditional style, but there are many schools that stick on the tradition and still teach the old days Taekwondo.
Let's go to this fight here between a Korean Taekwondo fighter and a Japanese Boxing champion.
Even if the Video described the Japanese fighter as a boxing champion but his skill does not look too good to be a real champion, which made this Taekwondo fighter even looks too bad.
The Korean guy here did not show anything that proves that he practiced Taekwondo and being  a real black belt. We have not seen any good kicks and any moves as Taekwondo fighters do, He was only avoiding the attacks of the Japanese fighter and running everywhere.
This fight honestly is a joke and a disgrace to Taekwondo in general and to the school of this Taekwondo guy. 
I do not know why some guys insist to represent Taekwondo against other martial arts, even though they know they can not represent the real image of Taekwondo. 
This kind of fights are a bad advertisement for our martial art and we hope that schools would go back to teach the traditional style of Taekwondo because fighters can not use the Olympic style in the mixed martial arts competition.
Feel free to share your thoughts about this fight.