The UFC monster Tyron Woodley knocked out in his 2nd Pro Boxing match

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The UFC monster Tyron Woodley knocked out in his 2nd Pro Boxing match

TYRON WOODLEY is an American mixed martial artist bron April 17, 1982, his name is the Chosen One, his height is 5 ft 9 (175 cm) and his weight is 170 LB (77 kg).

He started his journey by practicing American Football and Amateur wrestling and has won some American titles as a wrestler.

Tyron Woodley started his career in mixed martial arts in 2009 against Steve Schnider and won via submission in the first round.

Tyron has a respectful record in the MMA competition, He has done 27 fights, he won 19, 7 losses and 1 draw.

By getting a look on his record in the MMA competition we can see Tyron lost his last 4 fights in the MMA before moving to Boxing. He lost against Kamaru Usman in March 2, 2019, against Gilbert Burns in May 30, 2019, against Colby Covington in September 19, 2020 and against Vicente Luque in March 27, 2021.

It seems that moving to Boxing still did not work well for Tyron at least for now. He lost his first fight against  Jake Paul in August 29, 2021.

Our article today is about the rematch fight that was held December 18, 2021.

This seems to be one of the most powerful knockout in 2021, and the way Tyron fell down shows that Paul's punch was too strong.

It is a big challenge for guys coming from UFC background when they move to Boxing, because the two competitions are completely different, The MMA allows fighters to use many techniques including the ground techniques.

Tyron is also a very good puncher and he proved it in the MMA by knocking out many fighters, but it is different when you fight against a specialized boxer in a boxing match.

This remind us about the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor, and we have seen how Mayweather had a good control on his fight  and could have been knocked out if the referee did not stop the fight.

This is the knockout fight