New requirements for the 6th and the 7th Dan tests

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According to an official source from the World Taekwondo Academy, the Kukkiwon President Grandmaster Dr. Lee Dong Sup recently announced new requirements for the high Dan tests, and He published additional guidelines for those who will test for their 6th or 7th Dan. 

The new criteria will be effective starting March of 2022. President Grandmaster Dr. Lee Dong Sup’s redesign of the 6th and 7th Dan standard ties in with one common goal; he wants to see all candidates possess the necessary skills as proud, high Dan masters. 

I personally do think that the Kukkiwon should make more criteria for the High Dan tests, because we can see many black belts around with so many stripes, while the quality is very bad.

You can check the videos and also the texts to know about the new requirements.

6th Dan requirements:

7th Dan requirements: