When the bodyguard of Cristiano Ronaldo fought in MMA

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The bodyguard job is one of the toughest jobs ever because it requires real skills in martial arts and also be physically fit and preferably big :)

The size is important in this job because the attacker of the personality would think twice before thinking to commit any stupidity.

The bodyguards in general are retired fighters and martial artists who stopped competing, but the case we have today is completely different, It is about a bodyguard who tried to compete in the mixed martial arts competition.

This is what happened when the bodyguard of the football star Cristiano Ronaldo flight in the MMA. 

Cristiano Ronaldo became a real icon of Football and we do not need to present him to you, because even young kids know him :) 

Ronaldo is a fan of martial arts and we can see him with many fighters such as Badr Hari, Khabib and many others. This says that Ronaldo admires martial arts in general.

I was really surprised when i watched a video where Ronaldo's bodyguard fought in the mixed martial arts competition. 

Goncalo Salvado is a giant man, a heavy weight and a tall man. 

In this MMA fight, he fought against Arsen Abdulkerimov in a heavy weight bout.

Arsen didn't show any fear since the beginning of the fight against the giant Goncalo, and succeeded to throw a good punch toward Goncalo that made him fall down after only nine seconds. 

Arsen has control on his fight and won it in two minutes and forty two seconds. 

No matter the difference of size and weight, Arsen proved that the good technique and knowledge with some power can win against pure power without techniques. 

This fight is not lessening Goncalo because his job is much different than the octagon where he has a lot of rules. 

In his job as a bodyguard, he would have less rules of course because the main mission is to protect the personality (Cristiano Ronaldo). 

Watch this fight and feel free to share your thoughts with us :)