Irish Taekwondo athlete Jack Wooley attacked on the street

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The article today is about a shocking incident that happened to a Taekwondo athlete

Friday 13th of August, The world Taekwondo Irish champion Jack Wooley went outside with his friends to eat outside and get some drinks.

Unfortunately, the night did not go well, He said that a gang of 8 or 12 young men and women in their 20s were attacking people. Jack was a victim of this random attack and got one punch to the face by one of this group. Jack was stayed conscious and called the ambulance, and now he is now in the hospital, and he is lucky that this incident ended this way.

Jack Woolley competed in Tokyo Olympic Games this year under 58 kg. The 22 years old Irish athlete did not get home any medal but he is still young and has the chance to work more and achieve more.

The world rank of Jack Wooley is 3rd in 58 kg, He has a record of 3European silver medals and one bronze, He also won a bronze medal.

Jack Wooley posted his shocking pictures on his Instagram account, one close picture shows a big cut on his upper lip, and others with his cloths covered by blood.

This is honestly sad that streets are still violent and people should be always ready to defend themselves.

We just hope that the Irish Taekwondo Champion get over this soon, because the phycological effect is really important.

We do have unconditional support to the Irish athlete and we wish him fast recovery.

It is not clear why this gang attacked Jack Wooley and his friends, and it does not really matter why they have done stupid thing, and they deserve to be punished about that.

Anyway, the next coming days will bring more explanations for what happened. 

Be strong Jack Wooley.

This is Jack Instagram if you want to show some support to him.