Taekwondo vs Muay Thai Knock out (first kick 360 degree kick KO)

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Taekwondo vs Muay Thai fight knockout 

Sharing videos about sparring between different martial arts does not mean to compare between them, or decide which one of them is better,

but to show how each martial artist can deal with the new situation, especially that every fighter was fighting under certain specific rules. 
In this fight, Taekwondo fighter succeeded to finish this fight in seconds by using 360 degree kick (knock out). 

We have posted many videos that showed the superiority of Muay Thai fighters, but this one here is completely different, and this fighter representing Taekwondo is strong enough to stop the fight by one kick, so Let's watch 👇


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    1. Fuck you.it happened how could you day impossible?

  2. That's bullshit!!! Let him try the likes of Buakaw, Seanchai, Yodsanklai, Tway Ma Shaun and the Legendary Sagat Peytchindi and that tkd fighter will receive pure hell with lots of reality checks!!!

  3. Still and all, a beautifully executed move.

  4. As some one who trained in various arts - it's very possible and its not the art as it is the artist. Well executed and we'll placed. Though not by any means how I would have started the match

  5. Impractical is a better description. 360 degrees spinning and leaping roundhouse? Really? Just how many practitioners can perform this kick in even free sparring conditions less the conditions of real combat.

  6. Good job finding one obscure video of TKD getting lucky.

  7. I mean I guess he should be ready at all times but looked like the kid was trying to tap gloves out of respect and was roundhoused with a kick to the head instead.

  8. Some people seem to miss the point.

    The Sucker Punch only works on people who aren't prepared for it. The TKD guy's kick was an equivalent to that.

    Will it work on people who expect it? Of course not! He only used the situation to his advantage. The article is even clear on that point.