Jean Claude Van Damme in Competition

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 Before starting the topic of today we would like to say that many actors and and cinema stars feel jealous from each other, and not everyone is talking in a good way about the others in business. We have posted an article about Steven Seagal and a video where he was talking in a rude way about other stars, such as Jean Claude Van Damme, Michael Jai White and also Chuck Norris. He said that Van Damme and Michael are not martial artists and they both are not tough, and he also said that Chuck Norris is too old.

Steven Seagal who was talking trash about others did not compete or had any record of him fighting. 

Jean Claude Van Damme had the chance to compete during his youth before joining cinema and movies, and he won many fights in Kickboxing and he had 18 wins by knockout and one loss. and he competed in Amateur as well and won 44 fights and 4 losses.

He started Training Karate at the age of 10  and also kickboxing, he earned his black belt at the age of 18. Later he trained bodybuilding and won Mr Belgium competition title.

JCVD also did ballet for five years, and ballet for him was one of the difficult sports.

Van Damme inspired many martial artists around the world, even though many people do not know that he had competed before, and with his skills he probably was able to become a champion if he did not go to cinema.

His amazing control and flexibility make his kicks look easier,  and this is what made him one of the best entertainers in the mid 1980s and early 1990s. At the time, the split and kicks were something that attract and entertain the spectators.

 Here is a short footage of one of his fights during the championships. Enjoy :)